About Us

I’ve generally been into feet – as far as I can recall. I believe it’s a fixation that creates from youth – and I’ll always remember the time one of my more established female companions who I had a bit of a squash on, nailed me down and made me smell her feet after she’d been for moving exercises. At the time I was alarmed – yet I believe that occasion made ready for my steadily developing foot wrinkle.

For quite a while, I’ve needed to go to a nice Foot Fetish Party. I went to one in London, yet the entire energy was off, the young ladies weren’t into it – and I got the feeling that they were there only for the cash. The way that it was additionally around £9 per drink kind of affirmed that. We ensure you get some R&R free of charge!

In 2014, I chose to endless supply of my female companions and educate them concerning my interest. Until that day, I had been a wardrobe foot darling, however it felt by one way or another extraordinary to get it out into the open. In the wake of opening up, I adapted many amazing realities. Some of them conceded that they’d love a person who might contact their feet in the wake of a monotonous day at work and others adored the possibility of their ideal curves stirring men. One even conceded to me that she was a bit of a foot darling herself!

I have the formula for the most ideal sort of Foot Fetish Party and I’m bringing them up north. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s heaps of individuals actually like me – people, who might cherish nothing more except for to go through the evening on their knees, with a couple of excellent feet all over. In late 2020 we hosted our first fruitful Foot Fetish Get-together in Liverpool – and we’ve been developing and tweaking them from that point onward. We presently principally have our gatherings in Leeds as the area loans itself impeccably to calm foot meetings. Totaly security – you’ll perceive what I mean when you arrive!