Everyone has heard of foot fetishism, at least on the outskirts of their consciousness, but few people understand what it is. A foot fetish is defined as a sexual interest in the feet. This is a very popular fetish area among both men and women. In fact, a foot fetish is so widespread that there are entire associations dedicated to the practice in numerous nations.

The appearance of the feet, touching them, the taste and smell of the skin of the feet or toes, movement of the fingers, or the warmth of the feet can all elicit sexual interest.

Foot fetish is frequently linked to a strong desire for shoes and stockings. Dirty feet, a partner’s naked feet in jeans, flip flops, and other exposed shoes, stockings, tights, high-heeled shoes, and jewelry for the feet – bracelets, rings, and the like – may all appeal to a foot fetishist.

The shape of the foot and toes, the length of the toes, the ratio of the toes, the natural shape of the toenails, and, of course, the pedicure can all be significant in a foot fetish. There are no rules or procedures here, and everything is done on an individual basis.

Men make up the vast bulk of foot fetishists; only one in every four fetishists is female. The traditional kind of foot fetishism is lust and adoration for women’s feet, which has remained relevant throughout the years. Women’s fascination in male feet, on the other hand, is not uncommon; it is just less well-known.

Rules For Foot Fetishing

If your significant other has a penchant for female feet, there are a few things you should know:

So don’t be shy; a foot fetish assumes direct contact with the legs.

Legs should be in good shape. A pedicure is essential, and brightly colored varnish is preferred. On the foot, there should be no calluses, swellings, or corns.

Tanned feet are popular among foot fetishists because the skin seems silky and any blemishes on the surface of the skin are less evident.

In addition to a pedicure, you can take special baths and get a massage for your legs.

If you want to paint your toenails, you should do so in one day, as the smell of the varnish can disrupt your day and make the foot fetishist unhappy.

Before going to bed, put on socks, but not woolen ones;

You should not wash your feet before a foot fetishist’s caresses because it is the perfume of the feet that arouses him. It’s also recommended to wash them in the morning and putting on shoes right away;

Not only does washing the feet remove the perfume, but it also makes the skin cold, which is unpleasant for a foot fetishist;

You can accessorize your legs with unique bracelets and foot rings, which will appeal to a foot fetishist.

If your boyfriend enjoys stockings, it’s best if you’re slim and have a clear toe so he can completely appreciate the beauty of your feet.

We can define a foot fetish as a harmless interest that can provide a person with a lot of pleasure.