Foot fetish is one of the most popular types of sexual fetish, characterized by a strong desire for and sexual pleasure elicited by human feet.

To explain what a foot fetish is, consider this: a person with a foot fetish is enthralled by everything that comes into contact with their feet. These include things like look, smell, taste, and touch. The most common desire is for female legs.

Foot fetishism, on the other hand, might be focused not just on the feet, but also on socks or shoes. Before you start enjoying your feet, make sure that this area of your body isn’t cleansed, because all of the aromas that get foot fetishists high vanishes, and it’s usually the smell of feet that triggers their climax.

Foot fetish entails a variety of behaviors involving the legs:

  • massage of the feet;
  • kisses;
  • licking;

Men enjoy it when a woman tramples them with her feet in one direction or another;

Legs in stockings or tights are also preferred when contemplating.


Bastinade is a form of BDSM coupled with a foot fetish that involves beating the feet with a stick.

The legs of the companion are entirely locked during the bastinade so that he cannot remove them during the whipping. The punishment then commences with the use of a rod, cane, bamboo stem, or another similar implement. The most important thing to remember is that the whip or weapon used to deliver the strikes must be modest in order to avoid crippling your companion.

Here, the person who is being whipped is having a great time. This is because a person’s feet have a lot of nerve endings, making their surface extremely sensitive. However, because the feet contain numerous tendons and vital tissues, excessive torture can cause damage to them, affecting their function, which regulates not only the leg but also the entire body.

Technique Of Bastonade

Anyone who is about to be punished is put on any flat surface, preferably a bed, with his back to the wall. To make it simpler to hit the legs, separate support is utilized, but it should be soft so as not to injure the backs of the feet. After that, you must bind your companion and immobilize his legs fully so that he is unable to resist.

Then they use a whip, a little weapon that looks like a slender branch, to deliver gentle strikes or even touches. The use of heavy and bulky whips or sticks is not part of the bastinade technique, as this would cripple the partner.

The heels and toes can be wrapped in a cloth to protect them, leaving only the sole bare; in truth, she is the most delicate. The next step is to understand that you must beat with such force that no scars or bruises form. To avoid harming human health, the skin’s integrity should not be compromised.

The temperature effect on the skin of the foot can be used to increase sexual excitement. It’s absolutely risk-free and can provide a wide range of sensations. You can apply melted wax to your feet by dripping it on them. The most important thing is that the wax isn’t too hot, so it doesn’t burn the skin’s surface. You can also pinch the phalanges between the fingers with clothespins. True, you need to exercise caution here as well; it is not recommended to leave clothespins on the skin for more than 5-7 minutes.

You can recognize the sensitive points situated in specific sections of the foot to improve the effect of corporal punishment on the feet.