If you’re drawn to your partner’s attractive and alluring feet, don’t be embarrassed. You can discuss it calmly without causing him or her any confusion. Follow these simple steps if you want to learn how to admit this minor flaw.

Method 1: Is To Prepare The Ground.

Don’t make a hasty confession.

Do not rush to communicate about your affection for your feet if you want it to be welcomed with understanding. On the first date or during the first kiss, saying “Your feet turn me on” will spoil everything straight away. If you want to share this and meet a partner’s or partner’s understanding, you should wait a little while as you get to know each other better.

When you’re ready, begin touching your partner’s or partner’s feet.

Begin to test the waters once you’ve gotten to know each other. Try kissing his or her tummy, legs, and moving toward your feet while lying partly naked in bed. Do not begin with the feet right away; it may drive your companion or partner insane.

Take note of how your lover reacts.

When you touch your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s foot, how do they react? Do you notice light, relaxed smile on his or her face and hear an approving moan or a pleasant surprise in the form of the phrase: “And this is nice!” If that’s the case, you’re on the correct track. If he or she turns away from you or expresses a direct dislike for it, it’s time to call a halt to your endeavor.

Compliment his or her feet if he or she loves your caresses.

But don’t go overboard; simply remark “You have sexy legs” or “I admire your legs” to avoid sounding fetishistic. Simply state that he or she has excellent feet. Rather than proclaiming unequivocally that you are drawn to all people’s feet, it is worthwhile to devote specific attention to his or her feet. This will make it easier for your partner or partner to absorb the news of your addiction.

Method 2: Admitting To Being A Foot Fetishist

Choose the appropriate time.

When is it OK to inform you that you have a foot fetish? There is no such thing as a golden rule. However, this should not be done during sexual joys. It’s preferable to choose a time when you’re alone and enjoying yourself. You can discuss this when the two of you are alone in your room, and it will eventually lead to sex.

Pretend to be concerned in some way.

Consider your partner or relationship, even if foot fetishism is common and familiar to you after many years. Understandably, you find your feet enticing (and many people would agree). This news, on the other hand, will come as a shock to someone who does not have a foot fetish. So don’t just mention it casually, as if you’ve noticed, “It appears to be raining.”

Tell it like it is. Be truthful.

Simply declare, “I have a foot fetish,” or “I want you to know that I am a foot fetishist.” That’s all there is to it. It’s unnecessary to explain why, how long, or how much you adore lovely legs. Simply admit it and feel relieved. Wait for a response after looking him or her in the eyes.

Act in accordance with his or her response.

The scenario can take a number of different directions. The best choice is for him or her to say, “Really?” This is strange. But that makes no difference to me.” He or she, on the other hand, is more inclined to become perplexed and seek additional information. The worst-case situation is that your partner refuses to accept the news because he thinks your feet are impolite.