The Path To Pleasure Is Paved With Foot Worship

Many people utilize foreplay and touch to add diversity and brightness to their private lives. When it comes to touching each other’s bodies, however, few people realize that you can also caress your feet. This area of the body, in particular, can provide a significant deal of pleasure, excitement, and even orgasm. However, in order to achieve celestial joy with the help of loving feet, you must first excite them properly. Are you unsure how to go about it?

Characteristics of Foot Massage

Foot massage is enjoyed equally by men and women. It is critical to thoroughly wash and pedicure your feet in order to avoid spoiling the enjoyment and feeling ashamed during the caressing procedure. Take a bath together and, as if flirting, wash your partner’s feet if you want to surprise your lover with such unexpected caresses. In this instance, he will most likely remain unconcerned.

It’s recommended to massage using a particular scented oil that helps warm up your feet and improves the glide of your fingertips on the skin. It’s simple to relax and get in the appropriate mood with a nice aroma from oils.

1. Massage should begin after the partner has been sufficiently aroused. Gentle kisses and teasing touches should be used to gradually drop from head to toe.

2. Then, using your palms, massage the calves muscles.

3. Squeeze your knees and ankles together in a squeezing motion. Change to soft touches after compression and repeat the procedure along the same portion.

4. Give your ankles a good massage. The sensitive area is located here. Grab the leg at the ankle area with your hand and move the foot in a circle in different directions with your foot.

5. Massaging the heels will provide the most pleasure. You might start by gently pinching this area and then stroke it. Your significant other will be much more excited as a result of such an influence on the heels. And it certainly is! Because the heels have a lot of nerve endings.

6. After the heels have been caressed, continue on to the impact on the foot, using rubbing strokes. This can be done using the pads of the thumbs in a circular motion with little pressure. Massage the area from the toes to the heel in this manner. The massage can be continued until the skin turns pink. This is a sign that blood flow has improved in this area, and it’s time to begin more sensual caresses.

7. Make a fist with your fingers and then slide your knuckles down the length of your foot. Such actions will aid in the relaxation and release of tension in the body.

8. After that, you should go to the finger massage. With the pads of the thumbs, repeat the process in a circular manner. From the tip of the finger to the nail pad, this should be rubbed.

9. With both hands, softly hold the base of your fingers and recall this spot.

10. Kisses are given at the end of the foot massage. Run your tongue over the skin of your fingers or gently touch each toe with your mouth. Is it now evident why you should thoroughly clean your feet before getting a massage? Kisses and touches should be given slowly, allowing the other half to experience every second of these rare affections.