What To Say To Your Partner About foot Worship

If you wish to discuss this kink with a partner, these pointers can help you steer the conversation in the right direction.

If it was brought up by your significant other, these suggestions can help you decide if it’s something you’d be willing to attempt.

If they bring it up to you, don’t say anything.

Couples can have fun getting to know one another and shaking things up in the bedroom by participating in games and activities.

If your partner has lately shown an interest in feet, you may be wondering what it entails and how you should respond.

Pay Attention And Ask Questions.

When a partner informs them of their interest in feet, not everyone reacts positively. As a result, disclosing the kink might be nerve-wracking. This is a good indicator if your partner was truthful with you.

They might say something like, “I just think your feet are gorgeous,” or “I really like the shoe you’re wearing.” After a long day, they may express their interest in feet by offering to massage yours. During intercourse, they may request to kiss your feet.

Because everyone’s hobbies are different, you should find out what your partner enjoys the most. These questions may elicit responses:

What Are Your Favourite Pastimes?

Do you expect me to return the favor in any way?

What do you think you should do first?

Is this a prelude to something? Is the objective of football sex?

Decide How You Want To Feel.

You are not obligated to respond to your partner right now. Request that they allow you some time to consider what they’ve said. It’s crucial for both you and your spouse to know if your feet are a no-go zone for you.

Begin slowly.

Allow them to begin by massaging your feet. As you gain confidence, progress to other activities. Speak up if you don’t like something. Honesty is a must.

If you wish to bring it up with them, you can do so.

While your partner may not have the same fascination with feet as you, they may have other interests to pursue.

Being open about your obsession can start a virtuous cycle in which you and your partner can both enjoy new activities.

Be truthful.

If you’ve ever had a negative reaction from telling someone you admire their feet, you might be cautious to bring it up with a new relationship. However, being loyal to yourself, your interests, and your preferences is critical to the relationship.

Choose the right moment.

Consent is essential for any sexual activity, including foot play. In the heat of the moment is the incorrect time to tackle the subject. Instead, search for opportunities when you and your partner are resting or shopping.

Mention how much you enjoy touching their feet or how nice their feet appear in certain shoes. In a low-pressure situation, this can help to start a conversation.

Prepare yourself ahead of time.

There’s a good chance your companion may have a lot of questions. Prepare to talk about it and have an open and honest conversation. It’s a positive sign if you’re willing to talk about when and how you became interested in this topic.

Give instances of activities that you enjoy. They may also want to know if something isn’t of interest to them. Not everyone, for example, likes to work on their feet.

Offer to go at their own pace.

If your spouse is new to foot play, you might want to ease them in. Tell them what you’re going to do. If they don’t like or are uncomfortable with something, they should stop.